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Spoof text messages easy and anonym with any cell number worldwide!

spooftext.com enable what plenty dreamed of. Recently you’re not only capable of sending anonymous text-messages (SMS) via internet, but also the possibility is given to describe yourself as someone else, without noticing by anybody else. You can decide the cellphone number of the recipient, as well as the cell number of the addresser. The pranked person, who’ll get the prank message, isn’t able to distinguish between an imitated text and a real one.

How to spoof text messages?

Please select your country on the map. We provide spoofing text messages all around the world. It is very simple to send texts as someone else. Just enter the spoofed sender and a recipient mobile number. The person who receives the spoofed message, does not realize that it was sent by someone else and believes that it is derived directly from the mobile phone specified as the sender

In detail

The sender's number can be any spoofed number or any name. There are no limits. Through the international country code eg. 001 for USA/Canada, it is possible to send the text worldwide. In general, your fake text message will be recivied within a few seconds.

Why prank texts?

We would like to point out at all grievances that are made in the transmission of prank text-messages. How often did it happen, that pranked messages with corresponding content were the trigger for problems like controversy, break-ups, divorce and so on?


This page or this feature has no misuse of such text messages, but would like to hereby reconnaissance. We expressly distance ourselves from all the entries, content to be made by users themselves even for testing purposes. Everbody who uses our service is responsible by himself for all resulting damages.

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